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Dr. Kenneth Fine's       
Ten Steps to FinerHealth™

This website was created by Dr. Kenneth Fine, a board certified internal medicine doctor and gastroenterologist, professionally involved in patient care, nutritional research, and teaching for 20 years.

Specializing in:

  • Healthful Living and Nutrition
  • Preventive and Holistic Health
  • Raw Food" Diets
  • Gluten and Other Food Sensitivity
  • Intestinal Disorders

Ten Steps to FinerHealth™ and Nutrition

  • Eat wisely for proper nutrition, energy, and optimal intestinal and overall health.
  • Get adequate sleep, following a regular sleep/wake cycle that works best for you (sleeping for at least 8 hours during the darkness of night and arising about sun-up is best for most)
  • Exercise daily, preferably outside in the morning or late afternoon sun
  • Utilize non-medicinal methods of stress reduction daily (particularly exercise, meditation, prayer, and if necessary, stress avoidance)
  • Do not use tobacco, alcohol, or other mood altering substances
  • Practice methods of good oral hygiene (regular brushing and flossing)
  • Minimize exposure to, or if possible, avoid environmental toxins in food, water, and air
  • Take measures to play and laugh regularly, and to feel happy, grateful, and positive about your life and your self
  • Help others and practice the “Golden Rule”
  • Seek calm, peace, humility, simplicity, love, and G-d's will in your life.